What are essential oils and How they work?

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Essential oils mostly used in aromatherapy, a type of alternative medicine that uses plant extracts to promote health and well-being


The use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes is known as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been practiced for decades. The aroma molecules in essential oils move directly from the olfactory nerves to the brain when inhaled, affecting the amygdala, the brain's emotional center.

Essential oils can be absorbed via the skin as well. During a massage, a massage therapist could add a drop or two of essential oil to help relax tense muscles. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know about essential oils and how they can benefit your health.


Compounds taken out from plants are known as essential oils.

The oils retain the aroma and flavor of the plant or its "essence."

Each essential oil has its distinct aroma due to its unique aromatic components.

Distillation (through steam and/or water) or mechanical processes, such as cold pressing, is used to produce essential oils.

After the aromatic compounds have been extracted, they are mixed with a carrier oil to make a finished product.

Essential oils obtained through chemical methods are not regarded as authentic essential oils, thus how the oils are created is vital.


Essential oils are said to be natural cures for a variety of problems, but there isn't enough evidence to determine their efficacy in human health. The results of lab research are promising — discovered that particular essential oils could kill a strain of Lyme bacteria more effectively than antibiotics.

Some research reveals that essential oils have a benefit, while others show no change in symptoms. Essential oils have been studied in clinical trials to see if they can help with illnesses like anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia, etc. 


Aromatherapy, a practice in which these oils are inhaled through various methods. Essential oils should never be consumed. It includes molecules that interact with your body in a variety of ways. Some plant compounds are absorbed when applied to the skin.

Certain application methods, such as applying heat to diverse parts of the body, are thought to increase absorption. 

Essential oil aromas can trigger portions of your limbic system, which is a region of your brain that is involved in emotions, behaviors, scent, and long-term memory.

Surprisingly, the limbic system plays a significant role in memory formation. This may help to explain why some scents might elicit memories or emotions.

The limbic system is also involved in the control of several unconscious physiological activities, including respiration, heart rate, and blood pressure. As a result, some people believe essential oils have a physical influence on the human body.


  • Plant therapy allspice essential oi

  • When blended with oils like Sweet Orange, Clove Bud, and Cinnamon, Allspice has a rich, warm perfume that is reminiscent of fall. Allspice is a popular scent among males because of its deep aroma, and it can be used as a cologne grounding scent.

  • Plant therapy balm mint bush essential oil 

  • Wild collected leaves from Victoria's mountain eucalyptus woods are steam distilled to produce Balm Mint Bush essential oil.

    The highly uplifting, cleansing, and clearing oil has a deep mint scent with sharp eucalyptus overtones and is known for its highly refreshing, cleansing, and clearing qualities.

    This oil, which is high in menthol and has been used to relieve respiratory irritation, is prized for a variety of functions, including aiding with teenage skin troubles and functioning as a natural domestic surface cleaner.

  • Plant therapy basil linalool organic essential oil 

  • Organic Basil Linalool Oil is gentler than other basil essential oils, and its high Linalool content enhances the oil's wonderful relaxing properties. It's great for easing the transition from day to night by lowering head and neck stress.

    This oil is also quite uplifting, making it an excellent accompaniment to spiritual meditation or simply a period of pleasant thought. Basil Linalool's pleasant, herbal aroma goes nicely with other herbaceous oils like Rosemary and citrus oils like Lemon.

  • Plant therapy blue yarrow organic essential oil 

  • This lovely “blue” essential oil steam distilled from the Yarrow plant's flowering tops and leaves. The rich, herbaceous aroma of blue yarrow is believed to enhance mental health during times of worry, to help settle the mind before bedtime, and to support good skin for those with rough, reddish skin.

    Because Blue Yarrow Organic is such a potent essential oil, just a small amount is required to be effective. Blue Yarrow is also known as the Yarrow Chamazulene chemotype because Chamazulene is created from Mactracin during the distillation process, giving it the deep, blue tint.

  • Plant therapy cajeput organic essential oil 

  • Cajeput oil, which is related to Tea Tree oil, has a stimulating aroma and has been used to treat skin outbreaks on the lips on occasion. It can also be used to alleviate the cramping that comes with menstrual periods. Cajeput essential oil can also aid in the relief of seasonal disease symptoms. Cajeput diluted can help heal skin that has been exposed to environmental irritants.


    Despite their widespread use, little is known about essential oils' ability to treat certain illnesses.

    Here's a look at the use of essential oils and aromatherapy to address some of the most common health issues.

    • Perfect to reduce stress and anxiety
    • Best for headaches and migraines 
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Have anti-inflammatory effects
    • Antibiotic and anti-microbial


    If essential oils are blended with a base oil, they are typically regarded as safe to inhale or apply to the skin. They must not be consumed.

    Using essential oils as a supplemental therapy for minor health issues is likely to be safe and beneficial for various health issues.

    If you have a significant health condition or are taking medication, you should talk to your doctor about how to utilize them.


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