Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club - OilyPod
Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club - OilyPod
Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club - OilyPod
Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club - OilyPod
Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club - OilyPod
Plant Therapy Oil of the Month Club - OilyPod

Plant Therapy Oil Of The Month

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Month September 2020

Our Oil of the Month's oils are a surprise!

It's the perfect way to try out and experiment with BRAND NEW oils Plant Therapy does not currently sell! You are sure to love the amazing 100% pure, highest quality essential oils that are exclusively part of our Oil of the Month!

Depending on the oil, you can expect to find sizes ranging from 2.5-30 mL. We will be offering undiluted singles as well as synergies!

As stated, all oils found in our Oil of The Month are NOT currently sold by Plant Therapy. However, if the oil receives high enough demand, we will consider selling it long term!

Botanical Name: Varies by oil

Blends Well With: Varies by oil

KidSafe®: Possibly. The label will have our KidSafe® of approval if the product meets Plant Therapy's criteria to be KidSafe®.


- SEPTEMBER 2020: An oil of many names, this exotic essential oil has the perfect mix of warmth and spice. (Ishpingo Essential Oil)

- OCTOBER 2020: This peppery, lemony CO2 extract is a wonderfully complex addition to your collection. (Elemi CO2 Extract)

- NOVEMBER 2020: This rare extract has a rich, complex aroma reminiscent of your favorite barrel-aged liquor. (Oakwood Chip CO2 Extract)

- DECEMBER 2020: With a crisp, green aroma, this CO2 Extract is mentally stimulating and skin rejuvenating. (Green Tea CO2 Extract)

- JANUARY 2021: First is a familiar CO2 extraction that is elegant, rich and spicy. The second is a sweet, woodsy oil which will make an exotic and calming addition to your collection. (Siam Wood & Star Anise CO2 Extract)

- FEBRUARY 2021: This essential oil blend is a sweet, chocolatey treat that is perfect for Valentine's Day DIYs. (Peanut Butter Bon Bon Essential Oil Blend)

- MARCH 2021: This absolute has a full-bodied floral aroma that is excellent for stimulating the senses. (Chrysanthemum Absolute)

- APRIL 2021: This complex and interesting essential oil is a must-have for women's issues. (Vitex Essential Oil)

- MAY 2021: This delightful duo treats you to two exotic, rare oils that are packed with therapeutic benefit. (Katrafray & Cananga)

- JUNE 2021: This oil comes from the leaf of highly prized Japanese tree. (Hinoki Leaf)

- JULY 2021: This unlikely duo brings you a gentle spice and a bougie fruit. (Green Cognac & Plai)

- AUGUST 2021: This deep, rich, floral essential oil boasts sophistication in perfumery and blends. (Pink Carnation Absolute)

- SEPTEMBER 2021: This peppery, yet woody essential oil has been used for its calming and relaxing benefits (Sugi Essential Oil)

- OCTOBER 2021: A rich and creamy aroma with just a splash of spice -- perfect for fall! (Pumpkin Spice Golden Milk Natural Fragrance Blend)

- NOVEMBER 2021: A sweet and smokey treat from the rainforest. (Priprioca Essential Oil)

- DECEMBER 2021: A unique, artisanal co-distillation of two notorious oils. (Frankincense and Myrrh Co-Distillation)

- JANUARY 2022: A decadent and deliciously gourmand aroma straight from the seeds of a tropical tree. (Tonka Bean Absolute Natural Fragrance)

- FEBRUARY 2022: Steam-distilled from the leaves of a popular tropical fruit, this oil has a sweet yet musky aroma and supports the digestive system. (Guava Leaf Essential Oil)

- MARCH 2022: Steam-distilled from the peel of a popular tropical fruit, this oil has a vibrant aroma and is uplifting and energizing. (Makrut Lime Essential Oil)

- APRIL 2022: This fragrant and functional duo showcases two unique ways to enjoy a popular fruit. (Orange 5 Fold & Orange Terpenes)

- MAY 2022: Sweet and fresh with balsamic and woody notes (Juniper Berry CO2 Extract)

- JUNE 2022: Two refreshing and uplifting Australian oils to help support overall mind and body wellness. (White Cypress & Nerolina Essential Oils)

- JULY 2022: A beautiful Mediterranean oil with a fresh aroma and multiple therapeutic uses. (Organic Mastic Essential Oil)

- AUGUST 2022: A sweet and spicy root oil that encourages mind and body relaxation! (Galangal Essential Oil)

- SEPTEMBER 2022: A rare, gourmand aroma from the roots of a flowering vine. (Periploca Natural Fragrance)

- OCTOBER 2022: Two relaxing KidSafe oils from the same botanical family. (Muhuhu & Goldenrod Essential Oil)

- NOVEMBER 2022: Two spicy KidSafe seed oils that lend comfort to upset stomachs. (Caraway Seed CO2 Extract & Celery Seed Essential Oil)

- DECEMBER 2022: A rare variety of one of the world's most sought-after essential oils. (Frankincense Rivae)

Directions for use can be found in the inserts included and on the individual bottles of the oils.

The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy. All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Bottles are filled by volume. Some bottle sizes may not be filled to the top, but do contain the volume of oil specified.