Earn OilyPoints when you buy, 

then redeem them for discounts!

Turn your OilyPoints into

rewards and discounts!


Sign Up An Account

Everyone can earn OilyPoints! Simply sign up an account to start buying and earning!

Buy And Earn

Earn 1 OilyPoint for each RM1 spent on OilyPod's website. You can also earn OilyPoints through other ways (see below).

Redeem Your Rewards

OilyPoints can be redeemed as discounts or gifts which can be used towards future purchases.

More Ways To Earn OilyPoints

You earn every time you buy. But you can earn in other ways too.


How do I view my OilyPoints?

1. Click ‘My OilyPoints’ on the menu

2. Click ‘View My OilyPoints’

3. OilyPoints pop-up widget will appear to prompt you to log in

4. Log In

5. Click ‘My OilyPoints’ on the menu again to view your OilyPoints

Do I need to be logged into my account when placing an order?

Yes, in order for the system to make adjustments to your OilyPoints, you will need to be logged into your account while placing an order.

How do I get OilyPoints for my birthday?

You will need to enter your birthdate at least 30 days prior to your birthday to be eligible to receive OilyPoints. If a birthdate is entered less than 30 days before your birthday, you will receive your birthday OilyPoints the next year.

Can I use the redeemed reward codes with other discount codes?

You can only use one code at a time at checkout, codes cannot be stacked at the moment. 

Do OilyPoints expire?

Yes, OilyPoints will expire if a customer has not earned or redeemed OilyPoints within one year. 

Do redeemed reward vouchers expire?

Yes, unused redeemed rewards voucher codes expire within one year.

Can I get OilyPoints if the purchase is made through other platforms?

OilyPoints are exclusive for purchases made through our website only. 

What happens to my OilyPoints when I make a return/refund?

Upon the return/refund of an item, the OilyPoints earned on the purchase will be reversed. 

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