8 Essential Oil Blends for a Good Sleep

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Essential oils for sleeping

Scents are usually overlooked as a useful tool for aiding sleep. Essential oils are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your daily and nightly routine. Many essential oil blends can help you relax, mentally and physically, thereby making you fall asleep more soundly. 

If you have ever browsed through a selection of essential oils (especially if you are new to using essential oil blend and essential oils diffuser), you might have found yourself being overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many pleasant fragrances to choose from. With so many options available, what are the best scents available for relaxation and sleep?

Before we talk about the essential oil blends for good sleep, let's talk about some of the best essentials oils that promote sleep.

1. Lavender

Lavender is the most popular essential oil known to promote sleep and relaxation among essential oil users. Lavender oil has a soothing scent that is associated with relaxation and sleep and also serves as a natural solution for anxiety. Several studies have proven lavender to be an effective treatment for people who experience insomnia. 

2. Vanilla

Vanilla essential oil scent is pleasant to many people and has a history of stress relief and relaxation. Vanilla essential oils have a sedative effect on the body and can reduce hyperactivity and restlessness. It also helps to calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure. It's the ability to calm the nervous system and relax the body makes vanilla essential oil a favourite for people who need some motivation to sleep.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine has a sweet floral scent and has potent sleep-promoting properties. Several researchers have proven Jasmine essential oils reduce restless sleep patterns and generally improve sleep quality. Jasmine provides all these sleep benefits and reduces anxiety; it may be more effective than lavender. 

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has a rich, woody, earthy scent with an ancient history of anxiety relief and relaxation. Research has proven that sandalwood has potent sedative effects, reduces wakefulness and improves the amount of non-REM sleep you get. It is important to note that sandalwood has also been proven to promote wakefulness and alertness, whilst also triggering physical relaxation. Everyone reacts to scents differently. 

5. Citrus

Like sandalwood, citrus essential oils can promote sleep depending on individual reaction and the type of citrus oil used. Bergamot is a type of orange known to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. Lemon essential oils have also been proven to have anxiety and depression-relieving effects as well. 

Other essential oils for inducing sleep include Cedarwood, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram, Frankincense, Patchouli, etc.

Essential Oils You Can Blend for a Good Sleep

Blend 1

3 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops cedarwood essential oil

Blend 2

3 drops bergamot essential oil

3 drops lavender essential oil

Blend 3

3 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops sweet (wild) orange essential oil

Blend 4

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops vetiver essential oil

2 drops marjoram essential oil

Blend 5

3 drops Roman chamomile essential oil

2 drops bergamot essential oil

2 drops frankincense essential oil

Blend 6

3 drops grounding blend essential oil

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops Roman chamomile essential oil

Blend 7

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops Roman chamomile essential oil

2 drops marjoram essential oil


Blend 8

3 drops patchouli essential oil

2 drops wild (sweet) orange essential oil

2 drops frankincense essential oil

In a Nutshell 

Essential oils for sleep can be potent in inducing sleep on their own, but when blended with other oils, the effect can be twice as better. The blends can be applied in different ways, including adding the oil to your bath, making your mist (mix oil with water and spray in your room or on bed coverings), or applying directly on pressure points (wrist or behind the ears). To find out more about essential oil blend, including essential oils diffusers in Malaysia, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful essential oil specialists. 

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